This event introduced the WINPOL project to experts from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation industry. Current technologies and systems within the waste sector implemented in partner regions and across Europe were presented to participants who highlighted that the major issue with regards to the implementation of such intelligent systems is the costs associated with them. Purchasing costs and the availability of funding to kick-start the purchasing of such technologies were in particular discussed.

In addition, a participant representing the geo-spatial technology sector emphasized the importance to invest in predictive modelling. This would allow for the capturing and processing of data with the aim to predict patterns and act on a proactive basis.

Last but not least, participants called for a nationwide big data system which would be ideal over a regional system, provided that information is captured and then shared at Local Council level as well as with the relevant stakeholders and the general public.


09:30 - 10:00
Coffee and registrations

10:00 - 10:05
Welcome note
Christopher Cousin
Environment and Resources Authority (ERA)
10:05 - 10:20

Introduction to the WINPOL project:

  • Aims of the project
  • Resources and Timeframes
  • Deliverables of the project
  • Work carried out by the project partners

Martina Spiteri
Ariana Schembri
Environment and Resources Authority (ERA)

10:20 - 10:50
Internet of things

Beppe Vella
Vodafone Malta

10:50 - 11:30
Discussion session
Christopher Cousin
11:30 - 12:00
Networking break