The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has organised an online event on 01 September during which a number of participants from Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were invited to discuss current technologies and systems within the waste sector. These participants were also invited to identify key technologies, worth capitalising, that can assist in improving waste management policies in Malta.

The participants were also encouraged to play a role in protecting the environment by going green, which can undoubtedly boost their business, their credibility, and their competitiveness and as well generate new markets.

Moreover, valuable information was also provided by a guest speaker from the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, related to funding, that might be of interest to participants who might be willing to invest in such technologies/opportunities (even if such funding may not be available at the moment). The Information included references to guidelines/instructions on what they need to do, particularly the ERDF grant schemes. .

The Authority believes that SMEs have a very important role to play in protecting the environment, and although going green may seem expensive at first, in the longer term, it can certainly boost their business by rendering it more efficient, increase their business credibility, their competitiveness in their respective sectors as well as generate new markets.