The 5th and last Stakeholder’s meeting of the WINPOL project - "Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies"  was successfully held on Monday 23 November 2020. During the meeting the final version of Region’s Action Plan was presented.

The meeting that was held both live and online, was organized and coordinated by the Region of Crete (RoC), marked the end of the first phase, a period of learning and  exchange of good practices.
Mr Nikos Xylouris, Regional Adviser for the Environment of RoC, emphasized the importance of both implementing and evolving in practice the smart and proven practices developed by other advanced countries,  regarding the waste management process and Region’s role in promoting and facilitating the establishment of Sorting at Source.

During the meeting the final version of the RoC΄s Action Plan was presented to the interested parties (representatives of Municipalities and FODSA, TEE, freelancers, etc.). Furthermore, the critical issues regarding the implementation of the Action Plan, which will take place during the 2nd phase of the project, in 2021-2022 were discussed.

The Action Plan, that includes 4 key actions, was finalized with the contribution of all stakeholders of the project. All parties agreed that these actions can make a practical contribution to supporting concrete, sustainable solutions, improve regional and local solid waste management policies, and promote the use of intelligent collection equipment.

All mentioned above, together with the charging the citizen fairly, will contribute significantly in the reduction of waste in the cities and in general in the Region.