The Action Plan for Gijón developed by EMULSA counts with 3 actions.

Action 1: Implementation of a pilot pay-as-you-throw scheme

A pilot pay-as-you-throw scheme will be introduced in one neighbourhood of Gijón for residual and bio-waste (with the possibility to later include packaging). The system will be based on pre-paid bags that could be distributed through vending machine, following the know-as-you-throw approach.
During the 1st semester 2021 the system variables will be set up (prices, volume, etc.). An information campaign will be organised in the pilot area at the end of 2021-beginning of 2022. Results obtained in the pilot areas will be analysed in order to bring modifications to the system by the end of 2022. In this way, in 2023 the scheme could be implemented to the entire city.

Implementation time frame: 2021 - 2022

Estimated costs: EUR 75-80,000

Inspired by:

Pay-as-you-throw to reach 80% recycling (IT);

From door-to-door collection to pay-as-you-throw (ES)

The study-visit to Ghent.

Action 2: Implementation of a new system of mowing and pruning waste collection in the peripheral and rural areas of Gijón

Mowing and pruning waste will be collected in the peripheral and rural areas of Gijón thanks to specific lateral side bins (maybe equipped with electronic lockers). The collection will take place three times at week, first in 2 pilot zones from November 2020 to June 2021. You can read an article on this first steps here.

Following an analysis of the results, the system will be extended to all rural district areas throughout 2021-2023.

Implementation time frame: 2020-2023

Estimated costs:

  • Pilot phase: EUR 60,000
  • Final implementation: EUR 400,000

Inspired by: the study-visit to Imola

Action 3: Use of a waste compactor roller to improve the service provided in the civic amenity sites (CAS)

The civic amenity sites in Gijón will be equipped with a waste compactor roller (a removable mobile machine) that will contribute to optimise the capacity of the CAS and reduce transportation cost.

Implementation time frame: late 2020

Estimated costs: EUR 100,000

Inspired by: The Collection - Improving textile waste collection (BE)

 For more details, read the Action Plan - Gijón