To improve waste management on its territory, the municipality of Antwerp will bring three changes to its Strategic Multi-Annual Plan 2020-2025, focusing mainly on the development of mobile apps.

Action 1: Development of an app based on image-recognition for citizens to report on waste littering

Thanks to this new app, citizens will have the possibility to report on waste littering by simply taking and sending a photo of the litter, graffiti, etc. without having any form to fill in.

Implementation time frame: 2021-2022

Estimated costs: EUR 20,000 per year

Inspired by: Information-based waste collection (NL)

Action 2: Development of an app providing information on the underground waste containers' availability and users' accounts

This app will provide its users with information on the underground waste containers, such as their availability, distance, etc. Users will also have the possibility to check their account and get details on their balance, use of the containers, etc.

Implementation time frame: 2021

Estimated costs: EUR 50,000

Inspired by: Sharing data on waste and resources with the public (NL)

Action 3: Favouring the reuse of bulky waste items that would otherwise be burnt

With this action – named Buurman (Neighbour), the reuse of bulky waste items that would otherwise be burnt, such as timber wood, will be promoted and increased.

Implementation time frame: 2020 – 2022

Estimated costs: EUR 50,000 per year (rough estimate)

Inspired by:

Connecting online with users: Citizen app, Sustainable businesses map and Reusapp (ES)

Mobile app on bulky waste for reuse and recycling (BE)

Photo by Sarah Worth on Unsplash