We now have to turn the page and start writing the next chapter: implementing the well-designed Action Plans. Partners have no less than 2 years to bring all the changes they planned to life. This means not only carry out the different actions but also monitoring their implementation and results with the support of the various local stakeholders. Partners will ensure that the lessons learnt from the cooperation happen and that the Action Plans lead to policy changes.

But, to tell the truth, we will also continue a little longer with the exchange of experiences. Indeed, some activities which could not take place in 2020 due the COVID-19 are now scheduled for the coming months, such as the study visit to Bergen to learn about the smart processes integrated in its waste management system.

Last but not least, we will have the pleasure to share our achievements during a final conference, to take place in 2022 in Brussels. Until then, we will post regular updates on the progresses of this second phase on the website. So do not forget to check it every once in a while or follow WINPOL on Twitter!

Photo by Matt Whitacre on Unsplash