A group of 15 Italian student visited EMULSA, in the framework of a training course within the PON mobility project, to learn about European projects and get an insight on how different private and public entities work.

The first part of the training course consisted in a presentation of the two Interreg Europe projects currently implemented by EMULSA, WINPOL and 2LIFES. To give a practical and participative touch to the training, the second part took students to the ECOCENTER-REUSAPP project, in situ. Staff from EMULSA explained the project that aims to promote reuse. In one of the civic amenity sites of the city, EMULSA has placed a space where citizens, after being granted the permission, leave the objects that they do not want to use but are still in good condition and could be used by someone else. These objects are uploaded by EMULSA to the Reusapp, where users can pick them up for free.

The Reusapp is one of the Good Practices identified by WINPOL. Read about it here.

The PON project is a mobility project sponsored by the Italian government addressing students with fewer opportunities to support them to complete a period abroad with the aim of creating a positive effect on later job prospects. The period abroad can consist of training courses, study visits, job shadowing or observation periods at relevant organisations.