Last 25 August, EMULSA hold a press conference to explain the pilot project for a study for the feasibility of a Pay-As-You-Throw system in Gijón, first action of its Action Plan developed for WINPOL. The purpose of the pilot is to define the different set of variables for the PAYT system that could then be implemented in the whole municipality. For this, a study is needed to determine the average waste amounts generated per the different types of households. This pilot action has already had a major repercussion on Gijón society, with an important presence in the media.

Later, that same day, EMULSA stakeholders were invited to an information event on the project. After the presentation the attendants asked for the floor and engaged in a debate about different aspects of the project, their point of view, pros and cons, and the different challenges and implementation difficulties they foresee. All the assistants showed special in this pilot project, the need to take further steps on recycling to meet European standards, the ways it could affect citizens and also their acceptance and the need to take any enforcement and educational measures considered necessary.

EMULSA does not know if the PAYT system will be feasible in Gijon in a near future, but from the different systems studied and analyzed, it appears to be the simplest and less expensive.