Seeing the success of the pilot project of pruning and mowing waste collection implemented as part of its Action Plan, EMULSA is considering extending this collection scheme, depending on the budget approval by the City Council.

During the last quarter of 2021, EMULSA will incorporate around fifty new containers around the areas where the test is still carried out. Three new parishes will be added to this collection. All new containers shall be without a lock as it has been observed the difference in the waste composition of containers with and without a lock was not significant.

EMULSA intends with this pilot project to reduce the amount of waste generated that responds to the needs and demands of citizens, promoting and facilitating the disposal of this type of selective waste, so that they have a nearby CAS so mowing and pruning waste does not end up mixed in the non-recyclable mixed waste containers, also complying with the new Municipal Cleaning and Waste Management Ordinance of the Gijón City Council. The collaboration of the neighbors has been essential for the success of this pilot experience, and to achieve an adequate use of the containers. With this new service, the residents of the rural area of Gijón take one more step in making Gijón an example in environmental management.

The objective of this service is to facilitate the correct separation of vegetal waste for residents of the rural area of Gijón and prevent them from using non-recyclable waste containers, to deposit the mowing and pruning waste from their farms, allowing separation for recycling into compost and reducing the waste that ends up in landfills.