Snaga continues to work intensively towards the realisation of its Action Plan in Maribor and more specifically at the installation of a network of underground containers for waste collection (Action 1).

In total, 16 locations throughout the city should be equipped with underground containers (6 per location). After the Vojašniški square and the junction of Koroška and Strossmayerjeva street, a fourth underground location has been added to the list.

In the summer, construction work began at the intersection of Gregorčičeva and Grajska streets. This location now counts with 6 new (underground) containers: 2 for mixed municipal waste, 1 for biowaste, 1 for mixed municipal packaging, 1 for paper and cardboard packaging and 1 for glass packaging.

An user card is needed to open the mixed municipal waste and biowaste container. Thus, the 180 households living nearby have each received a card with information on the proper use of underground containers and a flyer on which the right separation of the waste is explained.

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