Where do the Action Plans stand two years after the beginning of their implementation? Snaga answers to our questions for the changes brought in Maribor thanks to the WINPOL Action Plan they developed.

Can you summarize your Action Plan in one or two sentences?

In the action plan we included two actions, one of them the Underground waste collections systems and the other the Pop-up container.

Where do you stand now in the realisation of your Action Plan?

The first pop-up event was performed in June 2021, and the first location of underground collections systems was implemented in December 2020. The second location of underground containers opened in February 2022, the third in April 2022 and the fourth in September 2022.

Do you already have some first evaluation of its success?

Yes, after the implementation of the underground waste containers there's fewer waste containers in the city center, so the appearance of the city is much nicer.

What did you do to ensure that citizens would be using the underground waste containers?

At first there was slight confusion about how the use of underground containers works. During the events Snaga organized in the past 2 years we were always prepared to show to the users the right way to use the system, we also distributed flyers to each user on which the use of the system is explained.

What was the biggest challenge in implementing the new system?

The biggest challenge we believe was communication. In such projects there are many companies involved. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to get everything needed for a certain work to be done in one place; vehicles, equipment, workers,...

Will you be giving a follow-up to your actions, although the WINPOL project is finishing?

Of course, we believe it would be a shame not to stay connected to everyone we had a pleasure of meeting during this project, and to even see how other partners are continuing their actions.

Which one?
Our plan is to install all the location of underground containers as it was planned.

Read the Action Plan for Maribor here.