From 16 to 18 October 2018, EMULSA hosted the annual technical conference of the National Association of Public Environmental Enterprises (ANEPMA). More than 250 technicians and experts in waste management, urban hygiene and environment met in Gijón to discuss waste management and circular economy.

The three-day programme included a vast array of round-tables and sessions, including one focusing on innovation and information technologies applied to waste management. WINPOL was at the heart of this session thanks to a presentation made by ACR+. Other project partners of WINPOL also intervened, namely the city of Antwerp and Snaga Maribor. As best practice, the city of Antwerp focused on a recycling technology called ‘sorteerstraten’, or underground waste containers. These can easily be accessed by civilians through a personalized code and are emptied only when necessary by the city using fill rate sensors.

The session was completed by a presentation of the new intelligent solid waste systems used in Bergen (Norway). The city will also be involved in the WINPOL project as a best practice, with a study-visit organised there for project partners. Following their presentations, the four speakers could exchange with the audience.

The session is featured in the video summary of the second day of the conference, watch it here (00:00:30).

More information are available on the website of the event.