During the project, partners will work on establishing and later on implementing Action Plans, with the aim of improving their policy instruments. To guarantee a successful implementation of these action plans, it is necessary to involve from the very beginning of the project all the local actors engaged in any way in the waste management process,. These can be waste producers – such as citizens, businesses, etc. – but also companies in charge of transporting the waste, etc. This is why a great importance is given to external events organised during the project to communicate on the outputs of WINPOL and ensure that everyone is involved.

The first events in this series are public Information Days. Taking place in each partner territory, the so-called Info Days are a way for project partners to inform participants about the WINPOL project, its aims and activities, but also on their role in the project. It is also the opportunity for participants to learn how to get involved and contribute to the success of WINPOL.

Most of the Info Days already took place, every time meeting with success. A dedicated page for each event has been created on the WINPOL website where the event’s documents are available for download.