Now that the bases of WINPOL are built and the first work directions agreed upon, partners are working on the core theme of the project: innovative systems and policies for waste management. The main task awaiting partners for the upcoming six months is to assess the current situation with regard to intelligent equipment and planning on their territories. The information collected will be gathered in six reports - so-called “Baseline Reports” – which would allow benchmarking the performance of each territory over time.

In addition, WINPOL partners will start identifying and analysing good practices for three specific topics:

  • Big data, new technologies and efficient use of information in the waste field;
  • Innovative models for waste collection, prevention and recycling;
  • Models of pay-as-you-throw systems.

The first results of this activity will be shared during a thematic seminar, focusing on the first topic (new technologies and efficient use of information in the waste field), which will take place in May 2019 in Maribor, Slovenia. It will be accompanied by a study-visit to present the circular economy model of the municipality of Maribor.

To share outputs and tools developed by other waste-related projects, such as COLLECTORS or the European Week for Waste Reduction, ACR+ will gather the partners for a capacity-building session scheduled on 19 February 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

This is an internal workshop, designed for the project partners. For the wider public,  there will be more occasions to get familiar with the WINPOL project as partners will organise events on their territories to communicate on the current state of the project and share the first outputs. More information on each event will be available on the website so do not forget to check it regularly or follow WINPOL on Twitter!