On 17 April 2019 and during the environmental week (which took place from 15 to 19 April 2019), Snaga organised an event on the future of waste management in Maribor. This theme is of high interest for many citizens who came to learn more and discuss about Snaga's plans for the future, in particular regarding waste collection.

Indeed, the city of Maribor is currently deciding between underground and semi-underground collectors. To feed the discussion, the audience had the opportunity to discover a good practice from the capital Ljubljana, as Jože Gregorič from the waste company Snaga Ljubljana presented their experiences of underground collectors in the center of the capital. Advantages and disadvantages of the two systems were presented by Darko Bečaj, manager of logistics for Snaga. The event concluded with all participants agreeing that intelligent systems will have a lasting impact on the area of waste management.

More good practices will be presented at the first WINPOL thematic seminar hosted on 14-15 May 2019 in Maribor by Snaga.

Darko Bečaj's presentation is available for download on the event page.