Advisory partner of the WINPOL project, ACR+ has been sharing its knowledge on circular economy and supporting cities and regions being ambitious when it comes to sustainable resource management for already 25 years. At the occasion of this anniversary, the network announced an upcoming European campaign linking circular economy and carbon mitigation.

The campaign, to be launched on 19 November 2019 during the European Week for Waste Reduction, will help public authorities to reduce their carbon footprint through circular economy strategies. Open to all, it will guide participants to assess the situation on their territory, map potentials for CO2 reduction and identify a set of actions to carry out before a final analysis in 2025. The campaign will focus on a single target highlighting how circular economy can significantly contribute to carbon mitigation, along with specific actions to reach this target.

The actions proposed will tackle different fields such as food, plastics, textile, construction and demolition waste. Best practices identified by the WINPOL project during the first thematic seminar have already been highlighted as solutions that could be implemented by participating public authorities to reach their objectives.