We were able to organize the partner and steering group meeting in real life again. We visited with director, Mr Ulf Wiggerthe, the Nature Park at the island of Usedom which is a tourism hotspot. We were able to discuss strategies of visitor management, conflict management in different user claim situations, cooperation with tourism and tour operators, opportunities for combined strategic development of nature conservation and economy. We went on a solar boat on the Peene river which is a nice example of wildlife economy. During the meetings we addressed different topics like the minutes of the last conference call September, the study visits, the monitoring plans, the financial situation, the best practices for the Interreg Europe Platform and communication. A presentation on the landscape business model was given, we had a workshop and discussion about the RAP's and discussed the details of phase 2. Moreover, we got the chance to experience another wonderful experience of wildlife economy: the Weisse Düne Tour von Usedom Neppermin to Peenemünde, the link between the island of Usedom and the “back-country” – Peenestrom & Achterwasser.