Making Europe a Wilder place

Getting inspired by the opportunities Wildlife Economy can offer for your region.

A wilder place

We met on 20th October at 09.30 (CET) in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and shared with the participants what we have explored and learned in the project. In the plenary session in the morning we talked about the philosophy of Wildlife Economy and presented the results of the Interreg project. Depute Gabriëls welcomed everyone and Ignace schops held a lecture. There was a panel discussion with representatives of the four regions and an inspiring best practice on successful development of the crossborder Riverpark Meuse Valley and Kempen~Broek as an rewilding area in the Netherlands and Belgium was explained. The focus was on creating synergy between nature and landscape, tourism and recreation, agriculture and education. The plenary session was closed with a network lunch where guests could share their own Wildlife Economy stories and experiences.


After the lunchbreak the participants could join us on an excursion in the Riverpark Meuse Valley to experience this Wildlife region along the river Meuse. The most important stakeholders in this unique project shared their stories and involvement in developing this Riverpark. Afterwards we visited the region Kempen~Broek to show the development of nature and wildlife. We finished the day with a free dinner for guests who joined the excursion in a restaurant in the Riverpark Meuse Valley.

Attending in real life or online

People who could not join in real life, could attend this meeting online. We facilitated a livestream connection. You can watch the entire livestream here: recording event

Video  results

In this video we showed a compilation of results concerning the Wildlife Economy in the different areas involved in the project: video Wildlife Economy results.

Powerpoints and Photo's event: click here