On June 10th and 11th, WLE project partners DUH and Pomerania participated in the construction opening and testing of a further part of the Stettin lagoon cycle path. The bike path part presented is located between Miedzyzdroje – Wapnica – Wolin in the Voivodeship Western Pomerania (NW-Poland).

and another connecting bit to close the 340km long cycle path around the Stettin lagoon in both, Poland and Germany. The partners exchanged with regional stakeholders from tourism agencies, infrastructural planners and local governments as to how to close further gaps in the cycle loop, and improve multi-language signposting, rest and information posts along the Stettin lagoon cycle path. The project which is funded through the EFRE Interreg V A Mecklenburg - Vorpommern / Brandenburg / Poland Programme will continue, and future plans include the construction of information and service posts, fluorescent path markings and explanations to cultural highlights along the cycle paths.

One of the WLE project ideas in the Oder Delta can be linked to this cycle path: the easy accessibility of the natural highlights of the Oder Delta by guided tours. Nature guides, other tourism businesses and cycle tourists could benefit from a joint marketing of the cycle path and the highlights in the area.