Population in Kaunas district municipality is constantly growing. According to statistics, Kaunas district municipality is one of the leading municipalities in Lithuania regarding issued building permits. If we are to respond effectively to climate change, reducing emissions from the building sector must be a priority. Due to these reasons, it is very important to make local community members familiar with energy-efficiency in building sector as well as the concept and benefits of zero CO2 emission buildings.

In order to raise awareness of local community in this field the first local stakeholders group meeting took place in Kaunas district municipality on 27th September, 2016. Over 30 people (elders of 25 Kaunas district municipality elderships, other stakeholders) took part in this event and were introduced with ZEROCO2 project, its objectives, workplan and current progress.

Aidas Vaičiulis, director of National Passive House association, made a presentation „Energy efficient home – today? Tomorrow? Passive, active and zero energy buildings“. He introduced participants of seminar with the concept of passive house, requirements for this type of buildings, certification process. Mr. Vaičiulis presented advantages of building energy efficient houses, importance of using renewable energy sources in building sector in order to minimize CO2 emission.

Study on „Use of renewable energy sources in Kaunas district“ introduced current situation of energy use in Kaunas district with special emphasis on use of RES. Potential of RES in Kaunas district was discussed with participants of seminar. Study „Transformation of Raudondvaris gymnasium to near zero CO2 emission building“ was presented in order to show the advantages of building transformation into NZCO2B. Installation of PV system on the roof of renovated building of gymnasium would help to reduce building operating costs as well as CO2 emission significantly.

Elders were asked to spread information about this project among members of their communities as well as to participate actively in promotion of energy efficient buildings.