The event, hosted by Thermopolis Oy, will cover all ZEROCO2 project updates and disseminate good practices from Finland and international partner countries to relevant stakeholders of the Interreg Europe ZEROCO2 project. The project updates will cover the first stakeholder event on the SWOT analysis and the experience-sharing events held over the past year in Slovenia and Malta.

As good practice examples from Finland, Thermopolis also will present two subsidies for moving away from oil heating for individual households and municipalities, which they also presented to ZEROCO2 partners in June 2022 in Malta. Thermopolis will also present the household allowance and regional energy advice as good practical examples. Alongside the good practices, Thermopolis will demonstrate the impact of carbon reduction and the issues that have led to the adoption of the given good practice.

Finally, Thermopolis will present one example of good practice from each of the ZEROCO2 partners at the regional stakeholder event:

• Slovenia – Storage of paraffin in a public building

• Italy – Mechanical ventilation system to reduce the risk of Covid 19

• Greece – Feasibility studies on the installation of solar panels in municipal buildings in Crete

• Malta – Program to maintain your home

• France – Energy renovation support service