The focus of this workshop was to use the knowledge gained locally in the partner territories during the 2LIFES project to share local experiences, especially in regards of green jobs in the re-use sector.

The following exchange of experiences followed:

  • Vaerdicentralen (The Centre of Value): municipal second-hand shop of the future (Denmark).
  • Ludoteche del Riuso 2.0: new jobs being created thanks to the development of more and more innovative services (Italy).
  • Green Employment at Old Blue Company through the re-use of jeans, denim, textile, canvas and sponge (Hungary).
  • LitterGo – People, Environment and Purpose: jobs in construction sites developing clean-up tasks sorting plastic and construction waste for recycling (Denmark).
  • Inclusive Circular Economy through Reuse and Repair (Spain).
  • “Waste Valoriser” Training Programme (Belgium).
  • Trashware Macerata Project: jobs in the recovery and non-substantial repairs of obsolete personal computers (Italy).
  • Ateliers du Bocage: creating jobs through the remanufacturing/re-using of cartridges (France).