The ultimate aim of the 2LIFES project is to accelerate Europe's entry into the era of re-use. For this purpose, partners have conducted workshops and study visits to identify, analyse and replicate good practices in the field of re-use. Through these activities, public authorities can better understand success factors, challenges, costs, and impact of specific initiatives to promote re-use and preparation for re-use operations. In short, such activities help improve the design and effectiveness of public policies in the field.

This learning journey leads to an Action Plan, a document laying down specific measures and initiatives to promote re-use. Therefore, an Action Plan is a fruit of interregional cooperation, in which information exchange and lessons learnt are used to improve local or regional policy instruments. The Action Plan specifies the actions to be implemented, the costs and funding sources, their time frame, and finally, the stakeholders involved. Such measures can include the development of new channels, infrastructures, and protocols for re-use.

Hence, all 2LIFES partners are thrilled to inform the public that all their Action Plans have been approved and are already available on this website. This is the result of almost 3 years of work, but not the end – public policy design is a process of constant learning and evaluation.

All Action Plans can be found here. 2LIFES will be publishing notes with a summary of each Action Plan in the following weeks.