The Marche Region is making progress on the two pilot actions included in the Action Plan approved some months ago. Marche Region identified two actions that it intends to transfer and implement in its territory through the Regional Waste Prevention Program.

By July 31, 2023, the Marche Region aims to have implemented the first action, focused on the creation and implementation of a software for the management of re-use centers in the Marche Region, and the second action, which involves the design and implementation of a professional training course focused on the re-use sector.

The first action will facilitate a more effective management of re-use centres, improve the services offered to citizens, and facilitate the monitoring of relevant re-use data and indicators by local and regional authorities.

With respect to the first action, at the outset of the project, stakeholders from the region like ATA Rifiuti of the Province of Ancona and certain municipalities with successful Reuse Centres were consulted to identify and define the software features. This process was initiated as part of the Action Plan drafting. For instance, the Marche Region has taken steps to increase the understanding of the management software used at the Reuse Centre of Macerata, in order to determine if a similar program could be created for the Marche Region Reuse Centers Network.

The Marche Region Information Technology Office provided suggestions on how to conduct the tender procedures and oversee the future management of the tool. A major factor was to determine how to develop the software, such as having regional authorities create it or outsourcing it to an external company. Establishing the cost of implementation was also a critical action.

The second action of the Action Plans aims to enhance the management of re-use centres and facilitate the implementation of a network of re-use centres in the Marche Region through the design and implementation of a professional training course focused on the re-use sector.

A bilateral online meeting was held between Marche Region and RESSOURCES, a network of social enterprises active in the circular economy in Brussels and Wallonia, for the purpose of learning about RESSOURCES' experience in creating the "Waste Valorisers" training programme. This programme allows people to identify the value of waste materials and unwanted products and to direct them to the correct channels for re-use or recycling. This training programme has been officially recognised by the Belgian regions of Brussels and Wallonia.

The Marche Region found the meeting to be beneficial in helping to gain a deeper understanding of a training program focused on re-use, emphasizing the importance of providing training opportunities in the sector to develop new professional profiles with the necessary skills. This increased awareness enabled them to create a more comprehensive training course that will not only cover the use of the software, but will also provide a broader approach to re-use.

The Marche Region Personnel Training school, which is qualified to provide courses for public officers, was consulted and asked to help plan a promotional campaign and create a tender to find an organization with the necessary experience to develop and manage the course.

In short, the implementation of these actions will promote re-use in the region through skills development, better management of re-use centres, and improved re-use services to citizens. Marche Region has allocated funds for the implementation of the two actions for the year 2023.