On the 29th of June, KDRIÜ organized an online event to showcase the progress made in the implementation of Action 2 of their Action Plan. Action 2 focused on preparing and operating the GreenTeen program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at raising awareness among teenagers regarding waste reduction and the principles of the circular economy.

The GreenTeen program was designed to address several challenges identified in the initial assessment. These challenges included ineffective awareness-raising efforts targeted at teenagers, a lack of comprehensive waste reduction knowledge in the curriculum, a shortage of qualified teachers capable of teaching the subject, and a low rate of experiential learning opportunities.

To overcome these challenges, KDRIÜ drew inspiration from the Ludoteca "RIU" in the Marche Region, which served as a good practice example. 

Under the GreenTeen program, an 8-module educational curriculum was developed and improved to cover various topics such as the circular economy, the 7P model, reuse practices, and everyday habits to reduce waste. Furthermore, training sessions were conducted for students, with a target reach of 800 students per academic year.

KDRIÜ collaborated with the Zöldellő Sárrét Association, primary schools, and secondary schools in Székesfehérvár to ensure the successful implementation of the GreenTeen program. Together, they aimed to equip young individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to become environmentally conscious citizens.

During the online event, KDRIÜ presented the completed training program to teachers, professionals, and partners involved in the project. The event served as a platform to highlight the progress made during the 2022-2023 timeframe and demonstrated the commitment of all stakeholders to the cause.