In an effort to mainstream re-use and promote the principles of a circular economy, the Marche Region has been diligently implementing its Action Plan. The overarching goal of this plan is to optimize the integrated management of municipal and special waste, while also focusing on waste prevention and re-use.

Two key actions, as part of the plan, have been the adoption of a new management software for Reuse Centers and the development of a specialized training course for "re-use valorisers."

Update on Action 1: Management Software for Reuse Centers

The first action of the plan aims to enhance the efficiency and monitoring capabilities of the regional network of Reuse Centers. To achieve this, the Marche Region collaborated with ATA Rifiuti of the Province of Ancona to define the roles and responsibilities for the development of the new management software. The two entities signed a memorandum of understanding in March 2023, outlining the objectives and expected outcomes.

A thorough consultation process was undertaken, involving the Marche Region, ATA Rifiuti Ancona, and three selected municipalities. The goal was to identify and define the features required for the software, ensuring it meets the specific needs of Reuse Centers.

With the involvement of the Marche Region's Information Technology Office, the software development method was decided to be outsourced to a specialised company, SISTEMA3, known for implementing similar management software in other Italian regions.

The costs for the software implementation were meticulously determined, encompassing the software itself, necessary devices such as tablets and smartcards, technical assistance, and maintenance for a period of two years.

Following the development phase, ATA Rifiuti Ancona submitted the management software for Reuse Centers to the Marche Region for official validation, which was successfully approved.

Currently, the software and devices are being distributed to selected Reuse Centers in the region, including those in Osimo, Polverigi, S. M. Nuova, Sassoferrato, Serra de' Conti, San Marcello-Belvedere Ostrense-Morro d'Alba, Castel Raimondo, and Fermo. A mid-term monitoring phase is planned to ensure the software functions effectively, with any necessary corrections being made promptly.

In July 2023, the results of the pilot project at the Reuse Centers were presented at a dissemination meeting to showcase the results achieved with the new management software. Following this, the Marche Region aims to involve all Waste ATAs in the region to plan the distribution phase of the software to all Reuse Centers in the Marche Region, further strengthening the network.

Update on Action 2: Training Course for "Reuse Valorisers"

The second key measure of the Action Plan focuses on upskilling and reskilling the operators of Reuse Centers in the region to improve the management and functioning of the centers. This comprehensive training course was developed in collaboration with ATA Rifiuti of the Province of Ancona, and Cooperativa Sociale Risorse was entrusted with the task of organizing and conducting the training.

The course's content was carefully designed, and its structure comprises six modules and study visits, with a total duration of 34 hours. The selected Reuse Centers, including those in Osimo, Polverigi, S. M. Nuova, Sassoferrato, Serra de' Conti, San Marcello-Belvedere Ostrense-Morro d'Alba, Castel Raimondo, and Fermo, will benefit from this training.

Despite facing challenges in coordinating the various stakeholders involved, the Marche Region is making considerable progress in the implementation of the training course. A dissemination meeting took place in July 2023 to present the pilot project and its implementation at the Reuse Centers in the experimental phase. Following the dissemination meeting, the first training session will take place, and the course is planned to end in November 2023 with a study tour.