In recent months, the 2LIFES project has demonstrated remarkable progress in its partner regions' efforts to promote re-use policies.

Each partner has made significant policy changes and implemented actions aimed at fostering a re-use culture and reducing waste through a regional Action Plan. A document that summarizes the main policy developments and their implementation, per partner region, can be found here.

To demonstrate the overall impact of 2LIFES and interregional cooperation in a more general sense, it is necessary to emphasize the following points:

  • Policy Impact and Transformation: The 2LIFES project has catalyzed a wave of policy changes that prioritize re-use and waste reduction. Each partner region has embraced this ethos, resulting in comprehensive Action Plans that underscore the importance of re-use and repair to transition to a low-carbon circular economy.
  • Innovative Initiatives: One commonality among the partner regions is the implementation of innovative initiatives to promote re-use. From the REUSE Rolling Repair Van in Denmark to the Swap Boxes in Hungary, these initiatives inspire citizens to actively participate in the circular economy. Mobile Repair Cafes, training programs, and revitalized re-use centers further emphasize the importance of repair and re-use in daily life.
  • Cross-Regional Influence: The partner regions draw inspiration from one another, creating a network of shared best practices. Successful models and ideas from one region have influenced the development of initiatives in others. This cross-regional influence showcases the strength of collaboration and highlights the importance of knowledge sharing.
  • Unique and Continued Impact: The 2LIFES project has played a pivotal role in shaping these initiatives. Its insights and experiences have been instrumental in guiding partner regions towards sustainable policies and practices. The project's influence goes beyond policy changes, fostering a sense of community and a shared ethos that will ensure continued impact beyond the project's conclusion.

In conclusion, the 2LIFES project has enabled a transformative approach towards re-use and circular economy policies in partner regions. These regions have not only embraced these principles but have also implemented innovative initiatives to help create a re-use culture.