The managers of EMULSA held a first constitution meeting of the stakeholder group related to the 2Lifes Project.



  • Members of the implementation team
  • Representatives of Gijón City Council
  • Representatives of Youth Council
  • Representatives of Union of traders
  • Representatives of DIVERTIA
  • Representatives of IMPULSA, Municipal agency for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Representatives of ANEPMA, National Association of Environmental Public Entreprises
  • Representatives of Association of Insertion Companies of the Region of Asturias. 


Sergio de Lucas, Waste Manager and member of the implementation team at EMULSA, opened the meeting by thanking and welcoming the participants. First of all, Sergio de Lucas gave an explanation about the 2LIFES project, what objectives the EU aims to achieve with this and what rules and methodologies are to be followed. Sergio de Lucas then talked about the other EU project partners and discussed the budget of €1,383,826, timeframe, site visits and goals to be attained. 

The esential role of the stakeholders was highlighted. They will act as an active group discussing good practices, measures and initatives to boost re-use. All participants showed enthusiasm and interest in the development of re-use to ensure employment, solidarity and environmental sustainability in the developed and conscious city Gijón intends to be.