At long last, the 40Ready partners met again after about two years since the last time due to the global pandemic. The work of the project, however, had not stopped and was still fruitful even though the meetings have so far been held online.

On 12 and 13 October, the 40Ready project partners met again in Bucharest in hybrid form (both on-site and online participation was allowed).

On 12 October, the meeting focused on an exchange between the project partners to compare and improve the individual action plans that each region had proposed. Activities related to the action plans were carried out during the fourth semester to assess the feasibility of policy improvements and, during the meeting, the exchange of feedback within the partnership was encouraged to identify potential adjustments.

Below are some photos of the first day:

On 13 October, however, project partners took part in the Factory 4.0 conference. This event was also conducted in a hybrid mode (online and in-person).

During the international conference, a specific session called "SME Digitial Competence Assessment: interregional exchange in 40Ready" was dedicated to the 40Ready project. The session was organised as a round table, where participants talked about how their regions are coping with the i4.0 transformation. More information is at this link.

Below are some photos of the conference and the 40Ready project intervention:

At this link are made available a selection of high-quality pictures from both days.