The ALICE project had only just begun when its partners realized how complex it would be to create final recommendations that could be adapted to the multiple realities and differences between their respective markets. In order to make collaborations possible at a European level, one of the project’s priorities was to create a common tool that would provide a clear picture of the entire animation ecosystem in Europe.

In this context and as part of ALICE, PROA initiated the creation of a model to identify and assess all the actors that directly or indirectly influence the animation value chain according to a common frame of reference. This new mapping methodology, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Slovakia, has been designed to be applicable across Europe. It is now available for use, and detailed in ALICE’s Whitepaper that will be released in the fall.

As the lead region for the mapping initiative, Catalonia will test the new tool with the support of public and private entities. With a timeframe of 24 months from funding to control stage, and as part of the action plan defined within the framework of ALICE’s 2-year ‘exploration’ phase, PROA will conduct a thorough analysis of the local animation sector. This analysis will include all the agents involved in the animation value chain, eg. the people and entities that produce the content and those who support the industry through regulation, funding and education. This complete diagnosis will be a powerful instrument for the region to establish its position in the European animation market, as well as to improve weaknesses and capitalize on strengths.

Inspired by the new possibilities offered by this methodology, ALICE’s French partners also decided to move forward with a specific mapping action, in response to a pressing need expressed by European producers. Taking a different approach, and considering the widespread need for industry players to know about the funding opportunities available across Europe to be able to collaborate, Pictanovo included a complete review of the European funding entities and programs in its plan. The mapping process will start with an extensive survey carried out through professional associations.

With these major actions, ALICE’s partners hope to set an example of positive and useful initiatives while strengthening the animation network and laying the foundation for trans-national collaboration.