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Imagine a place where climate change, healthy population, food security and societal challenges of today’s world are truly being placed at the heart of policy and regulatory instruments, in a comprehensive and cross-sectoral approach.

Imagine a fund with millions of euros exclusively dedicated to address these challenges. Imagine the highest flexibility of action, and strong cooperation between the public sector, the private sector and civil society working together with a shared mission.

Imagine a region where all this exists already, on a local scale, and with powerful results.  

This place is Europe, this fund is Horizon Europe, and this region is Northern Netherlands.

Mission-oriented innovation policies

The concept of mission-oriented innovation policies is at the centre of Horizon Europe. Mission-oriented innovation policies have the ambitious to foster disruptive and breakthrough innovations to respond to the 21st century social, environmental, and economic 'Grand Challenges' such as climate change and resource efficiency, demographic change, clean energy, inclusive societies, bioeconomy…

Professor Mariana Mazzucato popularised this concept in 2018, when she wrote a European Commission report titled Mission-oriented research & innovation in the European Union. The report makes strategic recommendations to policymakers to maximise the impact of the future EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation through mission-oriented policy....

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