The presentation (Local Presentation Event) of the European project "BIGDATA4RIVERS: Improving the European Rivers Water Quality through Smart Water Management Policies" of the European Programme Interreg Europe, in which the Regional Development Fund of Attica participates on behalf of the Region of Attica, took place with great success on Monday, June 27, 2022.
Specifically, the meeting was attended by representatives from:
•    Regional Development Fund of Attica
•    General Directorate for Sustainable Development and Climate Change of the Region of Attica
•    Managing Authority of (ROP) of Attica
•    Municipality of Fyli
•    Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company S.A. (E.Y.D.A.P. S.A.)
•    National Kapodistrian University of Athens.
The aim of this meeting was to present the progress of the project regarding the main results of the 1st Phase of the BIGDATA 4RIVERS project and the main objectives of the next planning period of the Region of Attica - 2nd Phase (Action Plan).
During Phase 1 of the project, the inter-regional learning and experience exchange process (field visits, knowledge transfer meetings and inter-regional workshops) was achieved, which led to the development of the joint analytical report on the river basin management plans and policies of the participating regions, improving the partners' knowledge on the identification and adoption of good practices (GP) of other partners.
On the Action Plan (Phase 2), the objectives, methodology and main points of its implementation were discussed. The Action that has been proposed for implementation by the Region of Attica and has been approved is entitled: " Development of a pilot - research early warning system of flood in buffer zones ".
All the interested parties state their opinions, comments, and inputs about the implementation of the Action: Development of a pilot - research early warning system of flood in buffer zones. It was stressed that the role of stakeholders involved, is mainly an advisory and monitoring activity, regarding successful project implementation for the benefit of ROA, which is the policy instrument holder. Also, stakeholders committed that that they will be supporting RDFA as they will contribute, participate or assist to the implementation of the action.
The objective of the Action is the preparation of the Regional Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (RPACC) of Attica through participatory procedures defined in Law 4414/2016 (Government Gazette 149/A/09.08.2016).
The Region of Attica, with continuous efforts to be active in the scientific fields related to its region and in this case to adaptation to climate change, participates by dynamically and methodically claiming its continuous activity at the European and global level of joint initiatives.