Towards a circular, sustainable and collaborative bioeconomy in the Pays de la Loire Region, France

On 29 March 2022, the partners of the European project BIOREGIO met at the Pays de la Loire Regional Council office in Nantes (FR), to share the progress made in the project regions in terms of public policies relating to bio-based circular economy, and share inspiring new good practices identified during the extension period.

In the Pays de la Loire Region, a concerted approach to design the future Framework of Actions for a circular and sustainable bioeconomy

For the past six months, the Department for Ecological Transition has been coordinating the consultation on the construction of a framework of actions to support the development of the regional bioeconomy sectors with high potential (economic, social and environmental). This framework of actions, whose work was initiated before the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which made it even more necessary, should eventually make it possible to relocate activities and create jobs, strengthen the attractiveness of the territory, contribute to the ecological transition and to the achievement of the environmental objectives set before the pandemic.

Nourished by existing regional plans on biomass, circular economy and waste management, and supported by external studies on the regional context of biomass (resources and deposits, streams, sectors, actors), this reflection on the bioeconomy framework of actions is being carried out in close consultation with regional actors. After six months of work, five areas of focus have been identified:

- blue bioeconomy

- plant fibres and bio-based construction

- biopolymers

- valorisation of co-products

- plant proteins

The final version of this framework of actions is expected by the end of 2022 and will be presented during a day of regional actors of the circular economy, which will have for topic of the bioeconomy.