The 3rd BIOREGIO Stakeholder group meeting was on 28 March 2018 and has united representatives of authorities, NGOs, SMEs and researchers, altogether 17 participants. 

3rd BIOREGIO stakeholder group meeting in Romania

It was an opportunity to present BIOREGIO project to the group of stakeholders interested in the circular bio-economy and to disseminate the best practices and technologies that were shared by Spanish project partners in the 2nd interregional event in Castilla la Mancha, 28-29.11.2017.

Representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration- the Managing Authority for the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020,  representatives of the Agency for RURAL INVESTMENT and of South Muntenia Regional Development Agency presented policy instruments related to circular economy of biological streams. The main obstacles encountered in accessing funds were discussed. 

Participants of the 3rd BIOREGIO stakeholder group meeting in Romania

An example of Good Practice was presented: the organic waste composting pilot project in Mioveni. There was also a very interesting discussion about compost legislation in Romania and how to further promote circular bio-based economy projects.

The meeting initiated a first step in the elaboration of the action plan in the field of circular bio-economy and also in organizing the interregional event in Romania.