The partners and stakeholders of BIOREGIO are summed for the 3rd time in the duration of the project; this time the interregional event takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Local partners, namely Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE) of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Aristotle University Thessaloniki and Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia hosting this event welcomed the international guests.

Representatives from each of the six regions discussed the current state of the policy development based on the outcome of each country’s Local Support Group meetings conducted previously. Also, the differences in decision making in each region were identified and discussed.


Ms Susanna Vanhamäki coordinates the policy related roundtable discussion

Stakeholders had the chance to exchange ideas and expertise in the next session where “sharing and gaining” questions were answered by all stakeholders stating their expectations of the BIOREGIO project output and the field they can contribute to enhancing them.

Partners sharing LSG meeting experiences and exploring methods to involve stakeholders in the project activities.

Motivation and potential education of the stakeholders to participate in experience sharing and involvement in the project activities were explored. An interesting feature of day 1 was the fruitful discussion that took place during the conduction of 2 parallel workshops on: 1) policy and 2) technology.

Ms Chrysanthi Kiskini (RDFCM) coordinates the Policy Workshop

The common workshops wrap-up proved that the stakeholders are in search of best solutions and application methodology to incorporate circular economy in their countries. Additionally, the need for stakeholders to continuing the loop of a circular economy which brings them together in LSG meetings as well as the interregional ones was brought up.


Mr Apostolos Malamakis (AUT) coordinates the Technology workshop

Following that all participants visited the BIO2CHP; a small-scale decentralized biomass gasification unit, hosted in the university campus and were informed on the utilization of organic waste for on-site heat and power production.

 Founder of BIO2CHP presents the pilot unit structure to partners and stakeholder

BIO2CHP operation on site explained by the founder