The European Commission has set stricter regulations on waste separation, including biowaste. By the end of 2023, biowaste must be completely separated or recycled at source. Separate biowaste collection and composting play an essential part in the bio-based circular economy. 

A study analysing the current biowaste management trends in selected European regions was conducted by two Interreg Europe projects: BIOREGIO and ECOWASTE 4 FOOD. The key findings can be found in an article "Biowaste Collection in Selected EU Countries", which was originally published in LAMK RDI Journal on 13.9.2018 and is available here. The article is also available in the BIOREGIO library.

Figure 1. Cover page of the article

The selected EU countries included Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. The specific regions involved are seen in Figure 2 below.

Figure2. The studied regions