The Greek government recently completed the public consultation of the "National Action Plan for the Promotion of Green Public Procurement (GPP)" which was prepared by a special inter-ministerial committee. According to the approach adopted, Green Public Procurement is at the crossroads of the National Strategy for Public Procurement, the National Strategy for the Circular Economy and the National Action Plan for energy saving-energy upgrading of public buildings. The objectives of the National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement are:

1. Establishment and implementation of an elementary level of adoption of green criteria in public procurement of products, services and projects.

2. Gradual increase of GPP during the next three years in certain sectors of goods, services and projects.

3. Wider integration of life cycle cost estimation in public procurement.

4. Dissemination of environmental and economic benefits of GPP.

5. Raising awareness, building capacity and active participation of stakeholders (contracting authorities and economic operators) in GPP.

6. Monitoring the achievement and updating the objectives.

The application of the National Action Plan sets as milestones the implementation of communication activities, education/ training activities and material, pilot activities, monitoring through an electronic platform, the upgrade and redesign every three years or earlier where necessary. The main categories selected for the implementation of the GPP are: Photocopying paper, Computers and monitors, Imaging equipment, Interior lighting – LED lamps, Air-conditioning machines, as mandatory and Furniture, Textiles, Public space maintenance, Waste water infrastructure, Electrical and Electronic Equipment used in the Health Care Sector as non-mandatory.

The Action Plan for GPP of Greece was presented to the CircPro partners and stakeholders during the 5th Interregional webinar and will give guidance to the finalization of the action plan for smart circular procurements of the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace .