CircPro project objectives and partnership collaboration activities have been included - thanks to the article published by CircPro partner Regione Piemonte - in the complementary publication to the latest edition of regional EcoForum on Waste and Circular Economy, organized in December 2020 by the Legambiente´s regional branch of Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta Italian territories.

Legambiente is the most widespread environmental association in Italy: founded in 1980, today it counts over 115,000 members and supporters. The circular economy has been a key concept for this association for many years and, accordingly, communication and awareness initiatives are being organized to support it. One of such events is the yearly Ecoforum, which in 2020 reached its seventh edition. This event, relevant at the national level, is focused on waste management, sustainability, and circular economy. Moreover, in 1993 Legambiente also launched its “Recycling Municipalities” award: a competition for public administrations that stand out for virtuous waste management policies and results.

Given its territorial nature, the various regional branches of Legambiente also organize local editions of the Eco-forum with the involvement of local stakeholders’ administrations, enterprises, and other relevant stakeholders.

CircPro article - included in the "Stories of good practices of Circular Economy" section of the publication - is available (in Italian) here.