The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (REMTH), organized the 4th Stakeholder Meeting on Tuesday, 16 March 2021, online. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the stakeholders about the implementation of the CircPro project, the results of the 5th Partner Meeting that took place on November 19th, 2020, the good practices and examples of actions of smart circular procurement regarding energy saving on a Local Government level from other countries and regions participating in the project as well as the progress of the Action Plan.

The event was attended by members of the Steering Group of the project, representatives of the Regional Development Fund of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the Special Management Service of REMTH, the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia Thrace, the Region of Central Macedonia, the Technical Chamber of Greece, as well as representatives of the technical consultant of the Regional Development Fund of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for the support of the "CircPro" project.

During the meeting, the course and the identity of the project so far were presented and proposals were analyzed both during the previous meetings and the current one regarding the design of the Regional Action Plan according to public procurement, which is the main object of the project. This was followed by a presentation of selected good practices that had been presented by the CircPro project partners during the 5th Partner Meeting of the project. The meeting ended with the commentary on the amendment of the national legislation related to public procurement.