The CircPro project partners have identified a number of good practices (GPs) from the partnership regions that could boost implementation of the circular procurement (CP). CircPro collection of GPs contains both operating models/policy framework and support measures facilitating CP in the regions and examples of actual circular purchases of goods and services. 17 GPs have been published on the CircPro website and are briefly described below (starting from the newest):

17. Market consultations as a tool for achieving sustainable goals 

The City of Kouvola in Finland has taken some measures to promote preliminary market consultations in the municipal procurement. 

16. Use of the carbon footprint as an award-criterion in a tender

The Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development includes the carbon footprint as an award criterion in a tender (ES).

15. Urban mobility

This practice was the first tender for purchase of electric buses and charging stations for public transport ever by BG authorities.

14. Procurement model for purchase of PV systems equipment in public buildings schools

Implementation of a circular model of public procurement for installation of PV system equipment on municipal buildings (schools) (GR).

13. Promotion of green public procurement by providing green technical specifications

The central procurement organization of Lithuania developed Green public procurement technical specifications in order to support and facilitate its uptake (LT).

12. Tender procedure for the purchase of green electricity supply for public administrations.

SCR Piemonte awarded 3 tender procedures for the purchase of electricity with a progressive increasing component of renewable energy - certified with Guarantee of Origin provided by the supplier - for about six years (IT)

11. GPP for energy refurbishment of public building promoting recycled and short supply chain materials

To reduce the environmental impact of public building energy refurbishment works, new GPP models were tested and actions implemented within ECO-BATI project (IT). 

10. Strategy for use of wood / renewable materials in buildings

Buildings in steel/concrete have a high climate footprint due to energy-intensive production/transport. Hence, there is a need for strategy/handbook for sustainable construction (NO). 

9. Designing implementation plan for local strategies and policy instruments in circular procurement

Municipal / Regional plans for circular procurement should have effective structure and seamless design to other plans related to sustainability, climate, environment and energy (NO). 

8. Green criteria in an electronic Procurement Register

Electronic platform for public procurement in Estonia that includes the built-in green public procurement (GPP) criteria for easy GPP implementation.

7. Pre-Commercial Procurement of Nano Bitumen

Pre-commercial procurement in Lithuania aims to ensure circular economy principles in road construction by creating bitumen with extended lifetime and better durability.

6. Boosting the construction and demolition recycling market

Measures to boost the recycling market in Bulgarian legislation through integrating construction and demolition recycled materials in construction

5. FECA - Fórum da Economia Circular do Alentejo (Alentejo Circular Economy Forum)

FECA´s objective is to reflect, share, discuss and outline the main circular economy intervention pillars, contribute to the promotion and to encourage the transition to circular economy in Alentejo in Portugal.

4. Circular model of street lighting procurement

Implementation of a circular model of public procurement for improved energy-efficiency and life-cycle management of municipal road lighting in the Municipality of Alexandroupolis in Greece.

3. Vending machines: a participative and eco-innovative tender process design

The practice relates to the delivery of vending concession services of food and drink for students and staff (around 70,000 people) for the University of Turin in Italy.

2. Catalog of recycled aggregates of the Junta de Andalucía

The Public Works Agency of Andalusia in Spain has published a catalog of recycled aggregates, in compliance with the guidelines on environmental efficiency.

1. Procurement Specialist Services & Change Agent for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement

Procurement Specialist in the city of Kouvola in Finland offers free of charge consultation on procurement process and takes part in development of city’s strategic management of procurements.

 While some GPs are yet in the middle of the evaluation process, eleven GPs from the list have already been recognized by thematic experts of the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform and have been published in the Policy Learning Platform database.

Visit the section “Good practices” on the CircPro website to find out more on our GPs and follow the updates as more GPs are coming!