Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat validated the first CircPro Regional Action Plan developed by Regione Piemonte (Italy) on 7 October 2021.

Regione Piemonte developed its Regional Action Plan in the framework of its Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development – the operational tool used to define regional policies, programs, and interventions in order to include the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda in its regional policies – and in line with CircPro partnership learning experience with particular reference to:

CircPro Good Practices shared and peer-reviewed during Phase 1 of project activity;

• the support, collaboration, and exchanges developed within the Regional Stakeholder Group members.

The approved document includes 2 main Actions:

Boosting environmental sustainability in Regional procurement related to the implementation of a Regional Green Public Procurement reference aiming at:

• meet, overcome and/or mitigate obstacles and preconceptions that hinder the systematic implementation of GPP and circular procurement within Public Administration offices

• build positive and long-lasting effects not only addressed to regional administration’s competencies and services, but also to the policy systems

• result in the development, transfer, implementation of sustainable procurement practices thanks to an effective and efficient exchange at organisational, local, regional, national levels including public institutions, universities, private actors (also with the implementation of specific agreements) and citizens too.

Stepping up green criteria on public purchases aiming at increasing Green Public Procurement in Piedmont regional area by extending to a wider territorial domain the successful experience already performed on a single province by the (CircPro Stakeholders) Metropolitan City of Turin with the technical support of the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Piemonte with the “APE Network” activity.

To get a full taste of this CircPro Regional Action Plan please visit the dedicated folder into CircPro web Library