The regional stakeholder meeting took place in Regione Piemonte's headquarter and gathered 10 public and private institutions of the Piedmont regional territory representing local authorities, innovation clusters, education & research bodies, business implementing agencies and associations, as well as a purchasing company and a financial innovation center.

The meeting aimed at the establishment of networking backgrounds and identification of strategies of communication between project partners and the Regional Stakeholder Group. The representatives of the CircPro Italian partners briefly presented the CircPro features - the characteristic of the Operational Program that approved and co-financed the project, its scope and objectives, the partnership - as well as the crucial role of the Stakeholder Group necessary for a successful project implementation.

The meeting participants discussed the regional challenges related to Circular Economy and Circular Procurements, shared their experiences so far, identified the past and current relevant projects within their organizations as well as pointed out the possible contacts from their own networks, which could be involved in the process of data collection for the mapping of best practices and development of Regional Guidebooks.

At the end of the meeting, all invited participants confirmed their interest in CircPro Project and Regione Piemonte and University of Torino wished to receive soon their formal commitment to the CircPro Regional Stakeholder Group foreseen for the beginning of 2019.