In the meeting, the concept of circular economy was presented and discussed as well as that of circular procurements – the core of the CircPro project.

The goals and different activities of CircPro over the 5 year project period from 2018-2022 were also discussed. This includes the exchange of information and sharing of experiences regarding circular procurement policy and practices between the public sector authorities in the project partner countries of Finland, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Norway, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Portugal. Eventually the gathered best practices will be analysed and developed into a package of measures to facilitate and promote the implementation of circular procurements in project countries including Estonia, in order to promote sustainability and circular economy.

The event gathered 30 professionals eager to learn and exchange information about circular procurements, including the following:

• Representatives of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment and other public authorities

• Representatives of the municipalities

• Business representatives

• NGOs

• Procurement specialists

The newly created Estonian Circular Economy Forum was also presented at the meeting as well as the plans of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment to foster circular economy including sustainable and circular procurements.