On 20th December 2018, Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace organized the 1st Regional Stakeholders' group meeting within the framework of CircPro project. The purpose of this meeting was at first to present CircPro and its goals to the participants, to explain their role and define their cooperation framework and then to discuss issues related to promoting the transition of the region in national and regional decision-making processes related to Circular Economy, increasing the application of Circular Procurements.

The meeting was attended by the Regional Counselors, Mrs. Alatza and Mr. Boutos, members of the Steering Group of the project. It was also attended by representatives from the public sector such as Democritus University of Thrace, Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Special Managing Authority of the Regional Operation Plan, Decentralized Administration of Macedonia-Thrace, Municipality of Komotini, Greece's Technical Chamber, and representatives from the private sector such as Sunlight Recycling SA, Waste Management of East Macedonia - Thrace SA etc.

At the meeting were presented the basic principles of circular economy and analyzed the international, European, regional and local challenges and difficulties associated with circular procurements. Also were presented the possibilities and problems of the application of circular economy and circular procurements in sectors such as agro-food, energy, mineral resources etc.

The meeting concluded with a discussion, exchange of views, experiences and proposals among participants and placements on concerns and issues related to the scope of the project.