The first meeting of Croatian stakeholders of the Smart Circular Procurement (CircPro) project was held on 6th of February 2019 in Ivanic-Grad. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the CircPro project and to define modes of further cooperation.

CircPro project is funded from the Interreg Europe Programme and aims to promote its partner regions’ transition towards circular economy (CE) related national and regional decision-making by increasing the implementation of circular procurement (CP).

The meeting was held in the Town hall of the City of Ivanic-Grad and participation was open for any interested representatives of the city government, public and private companies, and other relevant beneficiaries interested in implementing principles of circular or green procurement.

Stakeholders were first introduced with the project through a presentation by Martin Madaras, who is the CircPro project manager on the behalf of Development Agency IGRA. Key aspects of the project were laid out and the role that is envisioned for stakeholders was defined. All of the present stakeholders were open to accept the idea of circular procurement but they also noted that this is a concept that is rarely used in their area of work and actually a good portion of them heard about it for the first time during this meeting.

After the presentation there was an open discussion where present stakeholders could raise their questions and suggestions about the project. The group agreed that the aims of the project are worth attaining but a more individual approach with a smaller but a tight-knit group should be adopted while trying to engage other relevant participants in this project.