The CircPro project started in Estonia with a launch seminar on 20 November 2018 to introduce the project and initiate a stakeholder group that will be involved in the project activities throughout the first phase of the project. The stakeholder group involves professionals eager to learn and exchange information about circular procurements, including the representatives of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, other public authorities and municipalities as well as business representatives, NGOs and procurement specialists.

One of the first activities that SEI Tallinn undertook was the development of a methodology for mapping the political framework and legal measures in the project countries. The mapping itself in Estonia was carried out involving the relevant stakeholders. In addition, SEI Tallinn was responsible for developing a methodology for mapping circular procurement practices in the project countries. The circular procurement practices were identified with the help of the Estonian procurement e-register. In Estonia, all public tenders are done electronically, carried out via an e-register. This allows for an efficient search of relevant procurement practices. The e-register itself is a good example of an instrument that supports the wider implementation of green and circular procurements that could potentially be replicated in other project countries.