Regione Piemonte, along with the University of Turin, was invited to present CircPro’s aims and objectives at “Re-Pla-Ce – From Green economy to sustainable finance”, which is an annual event on Circular Economy. The 2019 event took place in Turin, Italy on 8 May and was co-organised and hosted by the regional Innovation Cluster Environment Park that is also one of CircPro’s regional stakeholders.

The purpose of this edition was to examine the relationship that links the world of economics and finance with that of sustainability, both environmental and social. The event that gathered around 100 participants, had speeches by:

  • financial rating sector experts who explained the assumptions that justify a positive evaluation of an investment and what the current orientation of the major savings funds is;
  • investment fund delegates who cleared up benefits connected to Green investments and the operating methods adopted to implement them;
  • speakers of the industrial sector who reported firsthand experiences on the new policies adopted to improve their assets and obtain benefits linked to competition on the markets as well as access to credit;
  • professionals belonging to the technical and legal sector who analyzed the tools needed for the implementation of the new system and the useful regulatory solutions for neutralizing the so called ”Administrative risk”; 
  • representatives of the public institutions who evaluated administrative and bureaucratic benefits and obstacles that green enterprises can face both in relation to procurement activities and rules of public office; in this slot CircPro project partners Regione Piemonte and University of Turin presented to the audience the challenges and objectives related to their participation to CircPro where the aim is to promote the transition to a more circular economy by establishing a fruitful collaboration with territorial stakeholders, by involving regional decision-makers, and by increasing the knowledge of the circular procurement in order to implement it in public procurement processes.