On 31 May 2019, at Regione Piemonte headqurters, the Italian Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting had its second meeting, giving life to a constructive and stimulating exchange on Circular Economy and Circular Procurement thanks to the lively participation of the 20 attendees. 

The event, organised by Regione Piemonte and University of Turin, focused on the last 6 months of project activities, giving particular attention to: 

  • introduction of the new member that joined the Regional Stakeholder Group: ARPA Piemonte (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Piedmont), a public body that operates under the oversight of the regional government so as to ensure compliance with the policy guidelines issued by RPIE in the fields of forecasting, preventive actions and preservation of the environment .
  • latest partnership participation to the Interregional Workshop Meeting held in Seville (Spain), organised and hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, from the Regional Government of Andalusia; the overview included a presentation made by the Italian Regional Stakeholder member from the Circular Economy Desk of San Paolo Innovation Centre that attended the study visit at RECILEC – an Andalusian company that manages waste of electrical and electronic equipment .
  • a summary on forthcoming project events, including next Interregional Workshop Meetings in Portugal (October 2019) and Italy (May 2020) .
  • presentation of the publication released on March 2019 by UnionCamere (CircPro Stakeholder) and Regione Piemonte entitled ”Circular economy towards a new paradigm of sustainable development" (in Italian). This document is part of the project launched in 2010 by Regione Piemonte on Corporate Social Responsability .
  • introduction of the results of SPPRegions - a project financed under the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (2015–2018) - in which two CircPro stakeholders, Arpa Piemonte and the Metropolitan City of Torino, participated. The project aimed at promoting the creation and expansion of European regional networks of municipalities working together on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).
  • exposition of CircPro participation to Replace – from Green Economy to sustainable finance, an event on CE co-organised by Environment Park (RSTKGr member). The event, held on 8 May, was dedicated to links between finance sector and public administration as well as to links between sustainability and sustainable investments.
  • synthesis of common participation of Regione Piemonte and UNITO in several initiatives on procurement (Public Procurement of Innovation - PPI, Circular Procurement - CP, but also new financial instruments on cultural heritage or green sector – respectively covered by the european projects PPI2Innovate, CircPro, FINCH and FinMED). This commitment also provided a further occasion of collaboration and exchange in which CircPro aims and objective were presented by RPIE and UNITO within a meeting organised to meet a delegation of the “Urban Agenda for the EU” initiative. The encounter (27-28 May 2019) was organised by the Municipality of Torino and Metropolitan City of Torino (both RSTKGr members) and was focused in the theme of sustainable procurement.

Next Italian Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting will be organised in coming fall, following the Portuguese Interregional Workshop Meeting of mid-October where the topical focus will be on construction and demolition waste.