Regione Piemonte and University of Turin are happy to announce that the Italian Stakeholders Group grows wider thanks to a new member ETRA - the European Tyre Recycling Association - that just joined the CircPro project!

The mission of this private association is to formalize the tyre recycling as an independent, multi-sectoral field of industry, involved in a long chain of activities that protect the environment and enhance the quality of life through the creation of new businesses and jobs.  

Founded in 1994, ETRA is the only European organization devoted exclusively to tyre and rubber recycling, and currently it counts ±250 members in 46 countries. ETRA membership reflects both the public and private sectors involved in the environmentally safe disposal of post-consumer tyres. Policy and decision makers, as well as those in charge of organizing and connecting the links in the chain, are represented. With a focus on both material and energy recovery, ETRA members include collectors, retreaders, manufacturers of recycling equipment, research bodies, developers, users of new technologies as well as users of the materials in an expanding field of products and applications

ETRA is recognized by the European Commission as the organization representing tyre recycling in the EU that has participated in the EU Recycling Forum as well as Parliamentary discussions regarding the revised Framework Directive, as well as the preparation of the UNEP Basel Convention 'Guideline for the identification and management of used tyres'.  

In 2013, ETRA joined forces with ANTEL, the Italian organization of municipal engineers, to provide training sessions and to organize a series of events. In 2018, ETRA became a Partner Member of the EuRIC - European Recycling Industry Confederation, and a member of the ESTC - European Synthetic Turf Council. 

ETRA is willing to participate to the next Italian Stakeholder group meeting - in fall 2019 - where it will be introduced to the 11 public and private institutions of the Piedmont regional territory, representing local authorities , innovation clusters, education & research bodies, business implementing agencies and associations, as well as a purchasing company, a financial innovation center and an environmental protection regional agency.