University of Torino (UNITO), along with Regione Piemonte, were invited to present CircPro Project’s aims and objectives at the meeting organised by the City of Turin on “Urban Agenda for the EU. Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement” on May 27-28, 2019 in Turin, Italy.

The “Urban Agenda for the EU” is a working method of thematic partnerships seeking to optimize the utilization of the growth potential of cities and to address social challenges. One of the 14 partnerships is dedicated to innovation and responsible public procurement.

The partnership on Innovation and Responsible Public Procurement is coordinated by the City of Harlem (NL) and was represented at the meeting by the responsible Sanne Van Kamp.

The event, gathering several public authorities, was dedicated to the role of Local Competence Centres (LCC) in promoting the use of innovative strategies of public procurement. LCCs are designed to support procurers in implementing innovative and/or sustainable public procurement and to improve capabilities - knowledge and skills – at local level.

The discussion touched upon the experiences of Turin Metropolitan City and ARPA within the “Provincial Network of Ecological Public Purchases / Acquisti Pubblici Ecologici (APE)”as well as other projects carried out in this field by the City of Torino (hosting partner), Turin Metropolitan City, Arpa Piemonte (which are all part of the Italian Circpro Stakeholder Group), Region Piedmont and the University of Turin.

These include the outputs of PPI2Innovate Interreg Central Europe project , i.e. the competence centre on PPI coordinated by the University of Turin and the pilot innovative award procedure carried out by the Piedmont Region in field of Energy. This cooperation between University of Turin and Piedmont Region is now extended to the field of Circular Economy within the project “Smart Circular Procurement – CircPro”, whose aims and strategy were presented to the Urban Agenda meeting's audience by UNITO representative Prof. Gabriella Racca.